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Tier II Training
Class Description:
Tier II is a 2 hour mandatory ADE training for anyone who works with budget codes.We also go over many other district procedures and policies so we encourage you to come even if you don't deal with budget coding.
Date:Thursday, March 30, 2017, 8:00:00 AM to 10:00:00 AM
Course Number:S765raRegistered:39/60
Presented by:Dee Hobbs Location:Perry PDC Room 100
Credit Hours:2Fee:$0.00
Target Audience:Secretaries and Administrators
Posted by REBECCA ALVAREZ   3/6/2017 10:57:44 AM /

Registered Attendees
Name Building Occupation Grade Taught
MARIA ALANIS MARTINEZ Jones Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
MELISA BALES Custodians /Springdale Unknown   
Kimberly Bohannan Harp Elementary/Springdale Secretary   
JANET COMBS Childers Knapp Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
CARRIE FARRIS Walker Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
SUZANNE GRAHAM J.O. Kelly Middle School/Springdale Unknown   
JANE HOBART INACTIVE/Springdale Unknown   
ANDREA INGRAM Washington/Springdale LEA Supervisor   
JOANNA MADDOX Professional Development Center/Springdale Unknown   
KIMBERLY PROCTOR Young Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
GAYLA RANEY Springdale High School/Springdale Secretary   
MARGARET ROBINSON Har-Ber High School/Springdale Unknown   
JOANNA RUBIO ESOL Office/Springdale Unknown   
VALERIE SMITH Professional Development Center/Springdale Unknown   
Susan Stewart Parson Hills Elementary/Springdale Secretary   
Adrienne Van Hoozen Administration/Springdale Secretary   
DORA VILLARREAL Early Childhood Center/Springdale Unknown   
Sherrie Bayles Washington/Springdale LEA Supervisor   
PAMELA BERLIN T.G. Smith Elementary/Springdale Secretary    
MOLLY BROCK Lee Elementary/Springdale Asst. Principal   
JANA CATE Professional Development Center/Springdale Secretary    
MICHELLE COOPER George Elementary/Springdale Secretary    
TINA DARNELL Springdale High School/Springdale Bookkeeper    
Carla Featherston Administration/Springdale Secretary    
Paul Griep Central Junior High/Springdale Principal   
Robin Hickman Westwood Elementary/Springdale Secretary    
Sharon Kelley Maintenance/Springdale Secretary    
Todd Loftin Hellstern Middle School/Springdale Principal   
Becky Martin Lee Elementary/Springdale Secretary   
Argelia Obispo Turnbow Elementary/Springdale Secretary    
Terri Pianalto INACTIVE/Springdale Clerical   
Vanessa Sbanotto Administration/Springdale Secretary   
Patrick Scott Helen Tyson Middle School/Springdale Asst. Principal   
Michael Shepherd Lakeside Junior High/Springdale Principal  8-9 
ELIZABETH CARTER George Elementary/Springdale Asst. Principal  Assistant Principal 
Lynn Ryan Walker Elementary/Springdale Principal   K-5 
Debbie Flora Young Elementary/Springdale Principal  Principal 
Regina Stewman Sonora Elementary/Springdale Principal  Principal 
BRANDY WOLFENBARGER Early Childhood Center/Springdale Asst. Principal   Principal 

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