Professional Development Opportunity DetailsProfessional Development Opportunity Details

Kindergarten Content Academey - Unit 4
Class Description:
Date:Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 3:45:00 PM to 4:45:00 PM
Course Number:S750jbRegistered:8/30
Presented by:Jake BeersLocation:PDC
Credit Hours:1Fee:$0.00
Target Audience:Teachers / Interns / Administrators / Instructional Facilitators
For More Information: Contact Jake Beers at Phone: 4797508735
Posted by JACOB BEERS   2/16/2017 8:27:38 AM / 24440

Registered Attendees
Name Building Occupation Grade Taught
Chris Mueller Young Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
ASHLEY ROGERS Young Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
Ruth Gerrard Young Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Kindergarten  
JENNIFER BOOGAART Tyson Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Kindergarten 
KELLIE ISAACKS Bayyari Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Kindergarten 
Rachel Mueller JB Hunt Elementary/Springdale Teacher  Kindergarten 
Trenket Thompson Parson Hills Elementary /Springdale Teacher   Kindergarten  
Kathy Passmore George Elementary/Springdale Teacher  second grade 

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