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Empowering Writers Expository Writing Training
Class Description:
This workshop is intended for..any teacher responsible for teaching expository writing. Understand the key characteristics of expository writing as well as a proven, practical, research-based methodology that works in the real world of the classroom. Come away with specific lesson plans with clear objectives that empower you to understand a variety of expository writing challenges such as the informational essay/report, the "how to" piece, compare contrast, and response to text. Explore the reading-writing connection by analyzing and annotating the organizational structure, learn specific strategies for crafting broad yet distinct main ideas, generating powerful supporting detail, compelling introductions and effective conclusions. Learn how to teach research skills, how to cite from multiple sources and assimilate this information seamlessly into the writing from Empowering Writers.
Date:Thursday, June 01, 2017, 8:00:00 AM to 3:00:00 PM
Course Number:S766raRegistered:1/90
Presented by:Joanna EatonLocation:Perry PDC Room 100
Credit Hours:6Fee:$0.00
Target Audience:Any teacher responsible for teaching expository writing.
Posted by REBECCA ALVAREZ   3/7/2017 10:03:32 AM /

Registered Attendees
Name Building Occupation Grade Taught
COLINDA OERTLING Lee Elementary/Springdale Unknown   

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